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Boreads by LeoDeMoura

Hi I was just looking at art and I stumbled across your piece. I hope I can give you an overall good critique. The first thing that pop...


One day there was a sudden disturbance in little New York City, Chinatown. Fu-dog was given a scroll of an evil mistress dragon causing havoc in China Town. Jake as usual, late on the beat awoke out of sleep. His sister Hayley was always complaining about not having her breakfast. "Gurrrmmmwwwhhh!" the sound of an empty stomach rolled around in Jake's head. Then Hayley went into her brother's room and jumped onto Jake. with her stomach. Still rumbling she rubbed her stomach. Letting out a loud "BELCH!" Which threw Jake out of bed. Hitting his head on top of the ceiling and back into his bed again. Fu-Dog was also fresh on the scene after Hayley committed her little rant for breakfast.
Jake knowing that something wasn't right going on down in Chinatown. Through the kinetic forces around him irritating his che. "HEY!" Big Brother screamed Hayley. "Have you forgotten." "FEED ME!" Perrump-a-tum-tum on my tummy tum-tum." Hayley threw a ball at the wall and hitting her stomach. "You know the drill Jake." "I'm crystal clear, Fu-Dog." "Mhmmm!" said, Hayley in reply. Your going to be fixing me some breakfast. "FEED ME!" Perrump-a-tum-tum in my tummy tum-tum." Fu-Dog reiterated Jake if this is going to be a hindrance for you. "I'll personally see to it your sister, gets a full balanced meal."
As it would seem, Jake found a confidant in Fu-Dog. To get his sister situated. "Dragon Up" Jake replied. "I'm on my way to Chinatown." Jake was off. Meanwhile, "I want eggs scrambled." "Done over easy."  "Gurrmmwwwhhh!" "Yes tummy." Hayley replied. "How odd, that an eight years old and her stomach could both agree and have an exchange in conversation." Now, Hayley was a premiere Long Dragon she could also change into a creature. "Flame Up!" She said in reply to her stomach.
Fu-Dog's eyes were wide-eyed. "Uhhhhhhh" "Hammananaha" the breakfast was already cooked.  
Hayley was ready to devour it. When suddenly in swoops Jake the Dragon, with a newcomer Lisa the deviless. They were among themselves scuffling their fight had gone through upper midtown. The upper east side, to and throughout China Town. Ending back up in Jake's kitchen. Lisa the Deviless started experiencing hunger pains. "ARGGGHHHH", her stomach said. "AHHHHHHH", she could her it repeating. She punched and told to herself.  "Shaddap!" I'm in the midst of fighting this dangerous. Yet handsome dragon man. Now Jake on he other hand was shocked to see his sister go into full on dragon mode. "HAYLEY" Jake yacked out from his diaphragm muscle. "What in the heck are you doing." Hayley replied, "Gurrrhhhhh, my stomach it caused me to transform cause it needs sustenance." Lisa the Deviless another dragon from midtown Brooklyn also started to have latched on feelings. As her stomach, began singing "ARRGHHHH" "AHHHHHH" Being a dragon she inhaled a lot of falcon type air. Blew the air into her pipes or esophagus to deflate the rumbling air waves coming to her tonsils to yawn out of hunger. Still her stomach was screeching "Gurrhhh" "Arghhhh" In mid flight fighting with Jake. She figured that it'd be best to find a way around the calamity of the kitchen. She said to Jake, "Hah Dragon boy, I have you flustered." Lets say we take this fight outside. She then spotted the
meal that Fu-Dog had made for Hayley. With her stomach reaming, "Gurrhhh" and "Arghhh" she did the unthinkable. She blew a flame combustion ball at the ground blowing a hole through the kitchen floor. Catapolting the deluxe breakfast meal and hitting her stomach. She grabbed the
food. Instantaneously hitting her stomach to pipe down the commotion. As it threw off her dragon flames.  Jake with the quickness tackled Lisa the Deviless dragon. Outside of the house landing on the outside. Hayley's stomach was growing restless. "Gurrmmwwwh" her stomach went. She found a spoon put it at the end of the kitchen tuppleware that was on the ground. Swan diving on to the ladle with her stomach. She flew outside the window. Rubbing her stomach when she made it to the outside.
She could see Jake in midflight fighting with Lisa the Deviless.  They were punching, scratching, clawing hearing the sound of the bones crunching. As if they were both being
reduced to mush. Jake threw a spiddle shot at the dragoness. "Gurhhhh, arghhhh." Lisa the deviless was unconscious at this point. But she regained her form by hitting her stomach and firinga flame at the ground. Then commencing inner dialogue among herself she said, "I'm pretty sure if my gizzard didn't wake me." I'd be a dead dragon right about now.
Hayley seized the opportunity lunging and grabbing the meal that Fu-Dog had prepared for her.  Jake looking befuddled called out to his sister. Replying, "Hayley!" look out.
 Lisa the Deviless snuck up behind her. All bruised and beat up Lisa the deviless collapsed due to starvation. With her stomach still "Gurhhhhh, Argghhhhh" Hayley walked up and lodged her foot from the Lisa's hoof. Giving Lisa's hoof forward momentum to tap her own stomach.
Lisa the Deviless awoke looking at Hayley. Jake rushed to the aid of his sister. However uneeded. Hayley a premiere long dragoness was sharing her breakfast with the villain archetype Lisa the Deviless.  Now Lisa the Deviless became awake again. Her stomach wasn't quaking anymore. When she came too she grabbed her stomach. Wondered "How?" could this be. She looked across was the little dragoness Hayley. Who shared her breakfast which were: eggs, flapjacks, oranges, waffles sausages, bacon, omlette and buttered biscuit.  Hayley's stomach also wasn't rumbling anymore. She tapped it once for good measure to make sure the food had traveled well through her body. Feeling rejuvinated she lunged at Jake. " Saying I hope you don't feel our match is over." "Dammit!" Jake said to himself.  Hayley who was also full.  Only a "BELCHHH" was heard from her stomach. She rumbled it  to make sure for good measure it was satisfied. It was barely noon. The fight had just begun. Settling in Jake's mind.  So they continued to fight for another five hours. Hayley flamed down out of her dragon form. Lisa the Deviless was getting dominated by Jake Long. Until she started grabbing her stomach again. "Brrr!"  It replied! "Should we stop!" Jake interjected. Emphatically NO! She responded. Before she could take another step. "Brrr" Her inner will said, "You ain't going anywhere." "Dammit" she responded. Grabbing her stomach again. Punching inflaming it with fire. Her stomach wouldn't be quailed. Hayley seeing this stared to get hungry as well. Grabbing her stomach and seeing it gurgling "Grrrrrr!" She ran inside and flipped through the kitchen ware. But before she started ordering tiles for the kitchen floor.  Her stomach continued to rumble and quake. He grabbed a spoon ladle and rubbed it to make it not feel so adjudicated. Lisa the he Deviless was continuing to fight agains Jake firing blast heat balls. While Fu-Dog was assisting Jake to try to fight against his enemy he succeeded.  Grabbing the lawn hose to water down the dragon. Lisa the Devilesss' stomach was so enthralled and enraged by the sudden action of what occurred.  Lisa the Deviless tapped her stomach and a loud "BELLCHHHHH" That shook the fabric of time and space clung against Jake. His ears couldn't take it causing Jake to flame down and blown a few yards in the opposite direction. Lisa the Deviless collapsed onto the ground. Feeling as if though she had won the battle. but little to here she had just scratched the surface of her burping powers. She again fell. Meanwhile Haley after retouching up the kitchen to look like it once did before the fight was very successful in sprucing up the place making it beautiful. Her stomach began to rumble and she tried frantically smacked her stomach. Mumbling how hungry she is. She flimflammed through the pantry tossing bowls pot, pans,  and any other silverware. Again her stomach said, "Why do you torment me." "I don't know what you mean." Replying back to it. Just give me some time she said in earnest. "Alright! I will give you 35 minutes to find something to sustain me."
Lisa the Deviless was on the verge of collapsing. She had so many dizzy spells. While on the verge of fainting she thought back to the time her master trained her. "Haiyah." To slow! Master Shuing-Shue "Why do you keep making these workouts so hard for me. "Grhhhhhh, Arrhhhhrrr!" Now my stomach has had it. "No!" Panting, Panting, Panting, hitting her stomach continuously. This will not help you in your training your Che is all over the place. Don't you have any restraint. I will teach you a new technique.
Really! his star studded pupil suggested. "Of Course!" "Yeah you better." Her conscience replied. "Shhhh!" smacking her stomach and head. You don't address the master in that manor. "Okay." the conscience replied to Lisa. "It would seem your stomach and conscience  is  doing all the proper thinking for you in battle." If you let this drag on your opponent will have defeated you. "Yes" Trixie replied.  So the training began and she was forced to stand on one pole. "Brum, Brum" How long her stomach insanely reamed. As long as it takes. Now shut up! Talking to her conscience and smacking her stomach emphatically. This is not the time to be doing  this." She said to herself. Now mastery over your opponent. Starts in the mind. If you can't do that then your finished. Her ego had a deep conversation among itself saying,"Master Shueng-Shui is an asshole." "What?" Did you just say?  Master Shuing-Shue turned around in the earnest of disgust. It wasn't me it was someone else master I promise. Hmmm! He retorted and headed back to his quarters. You will stay on those balancing poles until I deem it necessary for you to come down.  "Dammit" you conscience arse whole. She punched her stomach over and over again. "You will learn discipline." Do you understand me "Of course I will." her stomach replied. Shuing-Shue left Trixie out there for three days and nights without any nourishment. She had been without sleep, nourishment and food. She was beyond deprived. When suddenly her conscience. "Good morning!" "How are you today." What? She tapped her stomach. I wouldn't do that if I were you, said her conscience.  Why not?"  your not my papa, you don't tell me what the hell to do. "Yes!" Her master replied to himself. You are entering the land of hunger. The land of hunger is the fortitude that a student and his organs must reach enlightenment before being able to fight. A battle within the conscience mind. This would go on for another five days. "You really aren't getting hungry." her conscience  replied.  Chopping her stomach at it's ramblings. Of course not the master has left me out here to fend for myself." I have to constantly hit my abdominal head on in the gut. To keep you from sending starving neurological messages to my superego that will deprive me and send me to sleep. Every other hour on the hour, Tristie would hit her stomach, and keep hitting it to not disappoint her master. "I have to admit you are very strong." "To keep going this far without quaking to the pressure." I'm very proud of you. You haven't buckled under the pressure. I didn't think you had it in you. "GRRHHHHHH" "GAHHH" her stomach sounded. "HIYAH she karate chopped her stomach and rubbed for good measure." Man this is some test . It had now been two weeks 235 chops and 845 belches later. Tristie was holding her own. Master Shiung-Shue came out of his quarters. You are ready to come down out of that stansion now. GRHHHHH" "HAAAH" "That makes it feel all the more better." Tristie, replied to herself.  What is next for me Master Shiung-Shue. Now you will fight me. "Hell No" Her ego replied. "What about my needs I've been sitting idly by." "While you have had the freelance to practice your kattas." Hitting her stomach out of the will to keep on fighting. She entered into the fifth state of concentration. The ability to drown out all dissipated noises around her. She could hear the exact amounts of water drops hit to the ground. "BRRRR" the times her stomach felt uncomfortable. She would tap her abdominals once at at time. Everything was according to a rhythmic beat. Each time "BRRR" Hit one, two , three, four, and five. "BRRR" one, two, three, four, five. She would hit her stomach and send messages to her superego to numb the pain with some happy karaoke. Singing and hitting her stomach complaining about being hungry. Would not deter Tristie in her training in mastering the art of starvation in the heat of battle. Master Shuing-Sui would constantly attack Tristie while her eyes were closed and she would still have to hit her stomach. Send messages to her her ego to not collapse. "I know I can" " I know I can." She did this repeatedly battling within herself for another two days straight.  "Huh" Master Shuing-Sui had finally reached post secondary stage.  Where the mind has ascended and the gizzards feed off of the reserves that the body has built off in the blood stream and nutrient atom block reserves in the stomach yet to have been broken down. "Burrr"  hit one, two, three, four, five, again. "Brr" hit one, two, three four, five, and again. "Burr" hit one two three four five again. "Brr" hit one two three four five again. Repeating the actions of hitting the stomach. Tristie had now been outside for a long length extended period of time nearly twenty days.  Well it would seem you have done well to have endured this far. The last lesson for you to endure now is to fight one of your closest friends. While battling hunger. "Who could it be I've endured for twenty days. "Brrr." her stomach growled. Hit one two three four five. I will not quake to an apparent defeat.  "Presenting your friend Rose. "What?" Why? yes, the Hunts clan protege whom was kidnapped at the age of six is now present among you."Rose, yes it is me your long arched rival should it be any surprise that I will be the one facing off against you. Of course not I wouldn't have it any other way. "Grrr" your stomach seems to grumbling. "Hit one two three four five." so on I will not succumb to the fact that my stomach has been without food for twenty days. I will not let such distraction enter into my mind. Now prepare yourself. Hmmm!!! Rose you will loose. "Brr" not if your stomach caves in first. Ha! Ha! Huh! Ha! You are great at dodging Tristie, said Rose. "Bur" "Bur" "Bur" "Bur" her stomach became to be enthralled with the sudden quickness.  Tristie would suck in the air one at a time one two three four five. Then hit her stomach. "One, two three four five," I will send bowel waves at you to make you submit Tristie said. Whatever I will not allow such a Parthenon to dissuade me I will take you down in the name of the Huntsman clan. Rose however began feeling disorientation in her stomach. That were disproportional in her sense of direction throwing off her timing. "What in the hell." "Ha" her ego replied you don't have any control over your abdominals. "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" What is happening to my abdominals. Rose was a very a violent woman so she would try anything. She began punching her stomach instead of rubbing it. Meanwhile burp waves were coming at her from Tristie. Who was utilizing her lack of deprivation of hunger to combat against a common enemy. "BELCH" "BELCH" "BELCH" "BELCH" "BELCH" "BELCH" "BELCH" Patted one two three four five. Alright now launch breath control. While Rose who was as fresh as could be started experiencing hunger pains. Due to the fact that she was a close combat fighter. The octave vowels of Tristies' stomach was keeping her on the defensive. Soon the ruptures became louder and louder. "Bur" "Bur" "Bur" "Bur" "Bur"
Punch one two three four five. Rose put up a decent fight but her resolve with her id, ego, and superego were piss poor when it came to Tristie. I can't after several hours of going at it. Rose collapsed and fell in defeat. The Hunstclansmen showed up and took her away to their layer and hide out. Congratulations Tristie, you have done well. "Burp" "Belch" "Bulp" Patted one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. "Now you've gotten the hang of it." said Master Shuing-Sui. "I'm still hungry master." Wake up woman you are in the middle of a fight your passed out right now. You have completed your training. When your stomach goes into the clinker. "Burp" "Slurp" "Grrr" when your hungry as a dragon. Just fall back and think to this conversation or training we had. Hmm Haw! Lisa the Deviless finally awoke patted her dragon stomach. Then awoke and at the same time Jake the Dragon was coming around too.
They both exchanged dialogue so it would appear that we have yet to finish our doubted contest. I thought someone like you would be dead already. "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" Patted one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. I will defeat you Jake the Dragon. "Wow" Jake had become aroused by this female dragon. She is hell sexy in his wannabe New York City street mentality. "U hmm" can I help you or are you going to take this seriously.
Like wigging hip-pity, dip-pity yo. Yo! Yo! Yo! Dragon Up! Jake turned back into his dragon form once again. He was ready and revving to go at a moments notice.  "Wait!" a second "Huh?" said Jake. Lisa the Deviless thinking I can use my wiles to deceive this man. "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" with her stomach still rambling she didn't deviate. "Patted one two three four five six seven eight nine ten."  Even though I may be hungry physically. I can't let up mentally the destruction of my friend must come at my hands. I can't let the huntsclansmen beat me in this.  I shan't give them the time of day.
Jake looking so confused at the Lisa the Deviless who was the a.k.a of Tristie his quirky friend.  Thinking ack as to why she had to do such a thing.
She experienced another flashback midfight.
Master Shuing-Sui why did you choose me to have an exponential power to go against Jake himself because the fact that he is my friend.
"Bur" "Bur" "Bur" "Bur" Hit one two three four five six seven eight nine ten.
I can keep this up for a short amount of time. When you keep going into these spans of time conjuring up my essence. You must ascertain how you need to reach back and notify me of this. I have reminded you time and time again. "Bur" "Bur" "Bur" "Bur" Hit one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. I can keep this up for a short amount of time. I know master but for Jake to think solely on the task at hand the Hunts clansmen will bury him and his family if he is this soft in his resolve and emotions in trying to fight for the sake of the world. He cannot be this aspirate. This transmission will not last long. "Bur" "Bur" "Bur" "Bur" Hit one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. I can keep this up for a short amount of time. You must push him to the brink psychologically, deviously, and seductively if you can fluster your opponents desires then you have him in your grasp.
I can do this, I will do this! Tristie lunged at Jake and they began an aerial in midst combat. Ha! Huh! He-Yaw!  A punch here a hit there. They both were giving there all. "Gurr" "Gurr" "Gurr" Patted one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. I will not fail. Tristie keeps coming after Jake the Dragon. She is relentless I have to think of a counter offensive.
That's it I have to go for her jugular vein. I need to kill her Jake the Dragon has finally become sinister to getting what you have to do to the the job done.
"Brr" "Brr" "Brr" Patted one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. I will win. Performing a wind aerial breathing technique swirling past Jake and back Patting the air. Use a gust burst to back attack on Jakes jasper wings and send him to the ground. A fierce battle Tristie had Jake down for the count but it would seem that her stomach was getting the best of her "Brrr" "Brrr" "Brr" "Brr" Patting  one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. I won't let you win.
Meanwhile Hayley who was in the kitchen trying to feed her stomach stumbled upon an enchantment magic book. She began lookin through the book for most of about ten minutes. This won't work. "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" her stomach began to rumble. She began rubbing it. I'm getting very hungry. She skipped to the index their has to be a spell. That  I can conjure up to put on myself that will keep me from going hungry for extended a period of time. So I can fix me something to eat. The food that was made for her earlier had grown stale. Wasted and was eaten by Fu-Dong he began binge eating due to the fact of being afraid of the Lisa the Deviless. "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" She began to pat again and again. I will find this spell.
The action between the two dragons Jake and Lisa a.k.a Tristie was reaching an end. They had clearly tarnished everything in their wake. The neighborhood looked nothing like it was supposed too. With Tristie's stomach still going "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" Wavering around all in a stupor. She hit her stomach several times with an immediate force. Jake had seen his enemy was at a stand still. He yelled unto her."Are you willing to give up." "No!" But deep down, way down. Her inside stomach was going "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" Tristie continued to hit it once again and again and again. Ten times and she wasn't feeling guilty. She kept on going battling and battling again at Jake. This battle was getting more and more drawn out when suddenly Jake's leg in the ground. I can't keep going on like this I need a quick fire solution. Meanwhile Hayley had caste a spell onto her stomach where her rumblings would just be heard. Her stomach was rumbling over and over again. She kept patting her abdominal twice the number of times it growled. To reach a total of twelve x that of what Lisa the Deviless had done. Hmm I wonder if I can enchant another spell to resurrect my food that was prepared for me this morning. Hmm! I wonder so Hayley searched through the book again. But first she looked in the index and looked up spells that could help satisfy the carnal nature of the body.
Eureka! she had found an zeitgeist kind of spell weltanschaung  and she quickly used it. Reu-le-hue-da-vu-dema-reuge enchanted but her stomach kept rumbling "Grr" "Grr" "Grr" "Grr" and "Grr" for good measure. The spell said to pat your abdominal as many times as you. Growled, so she patted her stomach.  Then the spell that she recited came into existence and re-changed. Everything to around morning time when they first woke up. Meaning the food that was prepared by Fu-Dong everything was still happening up to that present time. Hayley jumped for joy at the fact that her food was resurrected almost as if she had awoken from a bad dream.
Her stomach was grumbling and seeing the food prepared before her like lamb led to the slaughter. Jake and Lisa a.k.a. Tristie both observed as Hayley came outside with the feast of a life time. Lisa the Deviless came straight towards her without any hesitation. "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" Tap one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. I have it what I've longed for all day what I went through Chinatown to find Some FOOD that was prime for plucking.
Like lightning Lisa the Deviless had come unto them and saw the food she saw. Jake intercepted her and stood in line of access between Hayley and the food. Now Jake had no intention of letting his little sister be susceptible to the wiles of his enemy. "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" "Brr"  Lisa hit her stomach a certain amount of times before. I'm almost there. What is more important she said giving Killer's intent or giving into her carnal desires to get something to eat. So juicy flapjacks, scrambled eggs done over easy, cheddar cheese, and a tall glass of juice. Just sitting there for her to take. Tristie realized she could no longer battle Jake because she had reached her limit and in that it was all over for her. So in a last ditch effort she surrendered. Showing her true colors. Hayley felt sorry for Tristie so what she did was quite astonishing. She asked, "Jake don't hurt her." With killer intents in Jakes eyes he saw his sister being so sincere. He would kill for his sister but also wouldn't go against her wishes. "Grr" "Grr" "Grr" "Grr" "Grr" my stomach sounds like an entrapped tiger. I can share with her.  Jake retorted, "It's not like my nature, to spare my enemies yo." Cause "I got a reputation to uphold you feel me though." Hayley punched her brother in the stomach. Lisa "snickering" "Tee-Hee" she laughed to herself. While the  rumbling in her stomach kept rumbling. "Can we eat now?"  How rude of an enemy to ask for some disparity in mercy. I should make you kiss my anklets of victory. Don't be some pompous arrogant bastard.
"Jeez louis." Hayley! Well don't be rude be humble to what is offered.
So as their stomachs were rambling at the same time. While rubbing their tummies at the same but Jake wanted to have a babushka.
But before they could eat they had to fix up the neighborhood and the residents were returning home from work and so they began sprucing up the place. They took the logs and cracked concrete and borrowed the cement blocks from the local construction companies. Their stomachs still grumbling lumbering wood and making several homes, broken windows, and steel plexi-glass. But fixing this up the three began to bond more closely.
Tristie couldn't bring herself to tell Jake who she really was. Their stomachs rumbling and rambling. They rubbed it again and again. I've got to tell Jake what my task is. Then before I could blink I blanked out again. Tristie, had a conversation with Master Shiung-Shu, you can't tell him you really are. It will jeopardize his training you were chosen not because of your connection.  You were chosen cause among the least of these you get the job done.  Meaning you will set aside your personal feelings for the side of the mission. Don't tell him, if you do the most hearkening will come upon you.
If you don't study anything else do what you were told to do and leave it at that. "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" Tap one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven. "Hugh" "Hugh" what the hell happened.  Tristie said in a rut, I thought I was supposed to be dead. Well of course that would be APROPOS but their is no need for all that. Your fine now  its' time to get something to eat and let us finish this.  While the residents were just coming home the neighborhood had been rebuilt and put back together.
So he roasted his hot dogs over an open fire.  Meanwhile they would feast and have something to eat. "Grr" "Grr" "Grr" "Grr" Jake, Lisa, and Hayley's stomach was rumbling. Both of them said it's time to eat.
All that work made Hayley hungry. "Grhhhhhh, Arrrhhhhhh" her stomach began to Jake haulted and was so dumbfounded at the transpire of events that befell upon him since the start of his day when he woke up. Jake saw no need to continue the fight with  Lisa the Deviless. Unbeknownst to Jake his arch nemesis was in fact a long time friend. Trixie Carter as she took flight the secret that Jake would never seem to find out. Who was the monster that went by the name "Lisa the Deviless Dragon of Chinatown?"
Fu-Dog said, "Oh Yeah don't mind me, I'm just still hiding out among the silverware in the dismantled kitchen."  Hayley looking at Jake, "From now on prepare my meals accordingly to before I wake up."  "YEAHH BEFORE!!!!" reamed Haley's stomach high five it for good measure.
Jake I'm no longer your enemy I wish to be your ally. That I may serve under you. To wherever you may venture. If I can't be your enemy I will be your confident. I will protect you. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, do you hear me right. I said, "Are you going to eat that." "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" "Brr" and "Brr" some more.
So they all sat down and dove in none feeling like they had anything left. Wow we had been hungry since the start of this morning. All the craziness that this life entails. It sure was worth it and as they parted ways they never forgot the covenant that they both had shared and were under.  Now that all had been accomplished everything had been set right into Chinatown.



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I wish you have lots of fun here, feel free to post your Street fighter work in our gallery, (remember to choose the right folder to place your work in :P)


Be sure you put the club icon in your journal to help spread the word! :handshake:


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Thank you for the fave! :) Have a nice day!
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have you seen the show dinoriders
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Thanks for the fave! :)  I hope you enjoy my gallery.
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